About Linda Cox

CEO & Founder in Powder Springs, GA

Linda Cox,   

Linda Cox, the Founder and CEO of L&D Medical Services was born and raised in Germany. Linda pursued her studies in international business affairs and logistics while living in Mannheim Germany. After her formal education, Linda held a position in the German government, the Deutsche Bundespost, as an officer. Linda endeavored to move to the United States after marrying her husband. After relocation to Georgia, Linda promptly Took control of an international business based out of New York and opened a regional affiliate in Atlanta Georgia. She worked closely with several large German companies to include BMW, Siemens, Porsche and Mercedes. Linda went on to work for more international companies in consulting and leader ship roles. After having great success with multiple companies, She decided to open her own medical facility with the best providers she knew, to include her husband Douglas Allen Cox. Linda’s goal is to improve the quality of life in all patients of all afflictions. She is of the mind that all lives can be lived With high quality. Linda has two children both daughters, and her husband of 34 years.